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Tuesday, January 18, 2011

Gutenberg's Printing Press

    Learning something new everyday keeps the mind sharp
    learning something everyday keeps the spirit alive

learning something

is something worth learning

something is anything

thing is some and any

nay thing is singular

any may be many

old age is difficult to accept
watching the body deteriorate is boring
keeping the mind young ignores the age of the body it occupies
separating the deterioration of the body from the rest of the reality of the day
is a far more interesting pastime

using everything available to expand the minds knowledge is a personal joy that can be repeated as often as every day and several times a day

living in the world before the computer and before the printing press the common man wallowed in ignorance.
thanks and kudos to Guttenberg.
Without Guttenberg and his printing press we would all be slaves to the few who owned and read the very select verses that were hand written by a few for even fewer.

Spend a day without reading and imagine a lifetime without the printed word.
Hail Hail Guttenberg.

Without him there would be no computer, without him the collective intelligence would be primitive. We would still be grovelling in the dirt trying to survive.
Now because of him, we have the ability and have achieved the ability to advance beyond the stages of survival and enjoy some of the pleasures of life. We some of us, have free time. We have the time to enhance our knowledge and expand our horizons.

We can grow instead of grovel.
Guttenberg gave the common man the gift of life, he made it easy for many to learn new things and to teach others who in turn taught others and others and others. And these others have celebrated his life by giving us the computer, which has given us the ability to learn what we want to learn when we want to learn it.

We now, in the privacy of our own home can search the archives of the world to discover all the treasures no longer hidden in the bowels of small minds who did not understand the value of ALL people advancing in awareness and knowledge.

The more people know about everything the more we advance as a culture. It is the collective awareness and contributions that expand and enhance everything we touch. It is the small little contributions from individuals that turn the key to making things better and stronger.

Some little individual commenting about how something could be done better or adding something to make something look better or wear better is the collective individuals that make up the team that makes the advances for man and wo-man kind.

Instead of sitting back and watching the body rot, there are millions of individuals that are still growing and giving for and of themselves. And much of this progress is the result of one man, Gutenberg - and I don't even know his first name, because I always sang the praise of Gutenberg's printing press.

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