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Monday, January 17, 2011


Big animals
strong animals

with eyes that see one eye at a time
a horse must meet you twice
once with the right eye
and once with the left eye

if they only meet you with one eye
you may scare them with the other on e

the horse cannot see their mouth
therefore beware what you put in fron t
of the horses mouth

like all other animals includin g humans
kindness goes a long way
yet only strength is what the horse
understands as who is boss
boss not brute
and the beast will be your friend

a horses gentleness is expressed from the nose
nuzzling is a bonding experience

when a human connects with an animal
perhaps it is then possible for the human

to connect with yet another animal
and we either become like animals
or they become like human

bring out the beast in us is sometimes
not such a bad thing

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