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Saturday, January 22, 2011

you AND me

              Empty your head
              Remove everything from your mind
              the art of yoga and meditation
              the goal, remove all from the mind

              empty the trash
              throw away the garbage
              let there be light

               empty the brain
             then there is peace

              two twenty two
              pick up sticks
             snippets of a day
          snapshots of a life
             sweet memories
             bitter herbs

              a day in the life
              away it must go
           bend flex stretch move
         tai the chi into a knot
          push away, gather in
        expand and contract
         give it all back

           empty the mind
         let it all go
          enlighter you become
        if you let it all go

           a day in the life
           and you want to remember
         but alas
          you forget

          is the mind empty when you forget
          is the mind free when there is nothing for it to see
          is the heart at rest
          when you clean up the mess

          yoga  to chance
          yoga to see
          what the benefit will be

          empty the mind
          empty the mind
          less easy than it seems
          when we don't want to forget

          maybe today it is easy for me
          we shall see

          what would there be
          if it wasn't for you and me

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