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Sunday, January 23, 2011

and our work is finished

     sadness is a lonely place
the home of the broken heart
the tree of loss
the place so apart from the world
there is nothing to overcome its domain

we find sadness around every corner
broken hearts and the dear departed
sadness overwhelms the senses 
it numbs, it paralyzes 

it is an indescribable event
it cannot be touched
although it is felt with the force
of the swinging rod of the hammer
of discontent

it offen is accompained with defeat
and is a companion of loss
it is always the way the mind celebrates
every unhappy place it visits

try, to replace the loss, try to replace the defeat
with anything
keep filling the space with things anythings somethings
everythings allthings
and when you take time to breathe

think about more things to fill the empty space
in the mind
it is all in the mind
keep digging, keep looking
for more to add to the space of sadness

busy busy busy
does little to erase the ness in sad
time dulls the ache
time passes
the sadness lingers
the loss the same

this too shall pass
and the empty space lingers
always empty
always longing
always wishing
always wanting
always the same
the loss
the sadness

only we change
and with time
we see
we carry those lost 
and have them within us
and their laughter and their tears
are the tears and laughter we share

and they are always with us
and they are not here
and we expect everything to stay the same
and we are sad with the change we do not want
and we are happy with the change we do want
and we want always what we cannot have
and we are sad
when we do not get what we want
and our sadness is selfish
and we know it is selfish
and it is like breaking threw of a new tooth
we must go through the pain
before we grow anew
and we must grow anew
till the growing is done
and our work is finished

and someone else carries the sadness
we leave behind             

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