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Sunday, January 9, 2011

Maxwell House International Cafe-Kraft Foods-Hazelnut Cafe

         So here we are visiting with friends, and they offer us the Hazelnut Cafe which smells good and tastes okay too. But there is not a single hazelnut in the can. The main ingredient, which based on the name of the product should be hazelnuts is in fact sugar then nonfat dairy creamer with cocunut oil accounting for ten percent of the daily requirement of saturated fat using one and one third tablespoons. There are two other real ingredients in the container, instant coffee and sodium, aka salt. The bottom of the container has a best if used by date with an eighthundred number.

         Under the product name it does in fact say artifically flavored.

Now there is a thing called good faith, and another thing called false advertising and it seems that the Maxwell House division of Kraft Foods doesn't care about either. If in fact the package was correctly labeled by the main ingredient it would be SUGAR.

       Here in Warsaw Missouri nine ounces of this item costs about four dollars plus tax of course.

       When if ever did you pay four dollars for nine ounces of sugar, and why in fact would you.

       When does a food company need to be called a chemical company, probably when they stop selling food.

       When is chemicals food, when a company says it is.

       Even with the ingredients written on the label in small print and government warnings about reading labels people buy what they believe the manufacturer(as opposed to the food producer) claims is enclosed.

       We, the consumer oftentimes choose what appears before us because it creates the illusion we are susceptible to at the time also known as good advertising practices.

Next we must consider the impact of silicon dioxide on the intestines or malodexterin whatever they are.

     Perhaps they are new substances which will coat the lining of the intestines like wax does for the outside of the car to increase the life of the paint job. If so, one would like to know this before ingesting. Should the package have a warning about hazards to the health for prolonged use.

     The next among the various questions created by the package of what ever it is, how should we feel about being offered chemicals masked as foodstuffs.

       And why should we allow such practices.

The company should be called maxwell house chemical works or mh magic shop, for their ability to transform nothing into something and sell it for a fortune.

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