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Friday, January 28, 2011


     Life happens in an instant
decisions made
  forging the path of the stream
of that becomes the river that flows into the sea

the willow falls
and the path of the stream is altered

the stream grows and alters the path of the willow
the rock drops from the mountain
and the stream has lost its path

the herd of elephant trample the land
the stream returns to the road to the river

the river waits
the stream meets with another stream
and again a willow falls

the quiet drops
the stream nowhere to run
rests awhile and visits with the sun

the clouds grow
they blossom with seed
to meet the stream

ever strong now the stream
surges a canal
sweeping the rivers
to the sea
swimming together
the dolphins and the sea
swimming to the instant
the dolphins and the sea

the willow, the rock
 the stream
and the sea

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