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Saturday, January 22, 2011

World Wailing Tennis

              We can talk about the skill of a tennis star, the power position and ability to persuade the ball to go exactly where they want it to. At times it is poetry in motion, as the song goes. The equipment has change over the years, cat gut has been replaced by synthetics and their tension adjusted to the players specifications. Sneakers have gotten stronger too. Socks don't hang anymore they stay up to all the abuse. Costumes, well, the white shorts and skirts have morphed with sales tags as the star ingredient. Even the heads of the most famous players are billboard advertisements.

             Tennis courts are filmed for instant replays in case of contrary opinions and the winner usually signs the glass on the camera. Wonder who gets to keep the camera.

             Tennis is big business, for individuals, teams and countries. National spirit soars for every player. It is very exciting, with a full house of enthusiastic fans roaring with every stroke. The spirit of the games!

             Yet, there is a rub, and it is getting to be a rash that is spreading into an uncontrollable disease of unprofessionalism which is not being addressed and not being deterred.

             These player have become coddled spoiled brats that have no idea how unprofessional and objectionable their behavior has become.

              If any other worker grunted during their work they would probably be fired.Never mind the wailing these players sing out with every motion of their arm. It sounds as though it is their last breath that they are fighting to get out.

                      They don't realize the wasted energy they exert and how offensive it sounds. They do not deserve to be called professionals, the should be called cows.
                        Because the sound is so offensive it is turned off and the other player is rooted for. Who wants someone who is suffering so to be the winner to play again. Who wants to hear Maria Sharapova sing her roar.
                       They, she, may be sexy to some and therefore tolerated for the hook that they exert on the aroused community.
                        Professional tennis is beginning to look and sound like the WWF.

                        What a shame a talented few have ruined the viewing.

                         What a shame a talented few are making so much money wailing while they work.

                          Goodbye to the professional tennis association
                          Hello WWT World Wailing Tennis

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