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Friday, January 28, 2011


                   Change is in the wind
                  and everything stays the same

        The Full Stomach Does Not believe The Empty One

             Change is in the wind
       and everything stays the same

Charles Dickens wrote many years ago, "Beware this child, this child is ignorance; Beware this child, this child is want."

              Here we stand, at the brink
the world is forever changed
          We are at a threshold
the US government is watching Egypt
the belt buckle of the middle east
the unifying force, leading all the middle east
giving them the thought to think
         without Egypt as an ally of the United States
the stability is gone
   without the people of Egypt thinking
we lose the war against those who chose to control

without the people of Egypt
standing, thinking, working. living
we will become thrust into the chaos
which will evolve into escalated hostility
throughout the world

it will become dog eat dog
we will, as we did during WWII,
cease to be civilized thinking beings

we are on the brink, of again becoming
we will be ruled by our emotions

perhaps it is already to late
to turn the tide
to change the course
to give to those that want
to educate the ignorant
perhaps already, they are too hungry
because the full stomachs did not believe the empty ones until they became violent

governments can not control the people
the Egyptian government cannot control the Egyptian people
the people control themselves
the people choose to be at peace
if they are hungry
for a little while they will wait to see if there will be food to feed them
then they will go and take what they need to survive

The choice then, that the government in control has is:
to find a way to "feed" the people who are hungry
to eliminate the people who are hungry

The tv news media say the next 24/48 hous will tell us the answer
as to what shall happen in Egypt
Can the government in power find the correct answers

We all know that we all find answers to problems, and lots of times
we find the wrong answers - and we have to live with our choices

Collectively, we have the power to will the correct answer which will avert the turn down the path to war

There has to be a correct answer
We have  to find the correct answer
We have to not choose war
We have to have evolved
into something more civilized that savages

A redistribution of wealth is not the answer
opportunity for self respect
opportunity for self sufficency

That the Egyptian government shut down telephones and the internet
shuting down communication
fostering fear, ignorance, and want
a perfect formula for chaos

When Egypt falls and oil shortages cripple commerce there will be more hunger and more want
and more ignorance and more fear

like the festering sore of the dark ages we will be thrust back into a  time of hardship worldwide

we will feel "the tremor in the force" until the rage trickles down to the lowest of us, and then out into the wind

once the ball begins to roll, there is nothing that will stop it until it reaches the bottom of the hill
and it will hit many obstacles along its path
and there will be much pain and suffering
unless we collectively, will the positive solution to the problem.
Unless we realize we are all in this together, and we are all at risk, and we must work together, there will then be the culling
and the sadness of the darkest of ages
for we will have to live with the shame that we have not learned from our mistakes.

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