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Thursday, January 13, 2011

the unsupported

                     Some have been fortunate to have a support system that gives them the strength and courage to continue through adversity. Whatever they do they have their cheerleaders to bolster them and root them on. They are the beautiful people that everyone rallies behind and cannot do enough for, whether or not they need the help.
                   Their support system is so strong they are never alone, there is always someone who encourages and clears the way. They are the lucky stiffs who get everything handed to them, perhaps on a silver platter. They are smart or adaptable enough to have no difficulties learning, they may not be stars just average people who can do things easily and quietly lead their lives expecting nothing yet grateful for what they have and have achieved. They are likable characters who have had  the good fortune to win the luck of the draw.

                    Then there are the worker bees who must forge the lonely trail alone. They get no help from the clan instead they throw road blocks to block the path. They seldom get awards they simply must continue on their own with help from no one. They must cheer for themselves and take pleasure in their own achievements regardless of any recognition.

                    They have no choice of cheering squads, they cheer alone and observe the parades for others.
Occasionally they wonder what they are doing wrong, are they appearing to be so strong that no one sees the need to rally to their side, or are they alienating by their achievements.

                    Years go by and both characters are closely tied together. Both have achieved success by their own standards, yet one is solitary and has found amusement in their own company, keeping themselves occupied with mind games, spending time learning about the world and the self.

                    There is no kudos aloud by the crowd
                    There is only an audience of one
                       and rooting
                       and encouraging
                       and ignoring the ignoring others
                     living in a solitary world
                      filling the hours and the minutes
                      till the hours and minutes are filled


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