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Sunday, January 16, 2011

Not new

      the healthy fruit
     cleans the teeth
    cleans the plumbing
    needs no refrigeration
     needs no packaging

    In the old days we made sandwiches for school lunch and wrapped them in waxed paper and small brown paper bags, or a hot lunch was placed in a tin pot with a cover and handle.

   There were no stores to go to buy lunches to bring to school, planning the day before was the rule. Make the lunch the night before and remove it from the frig on the way out the door.

   There were neighborhoods then, small communities where people knew each other.

   Apartment houses changed some of that, more people crowded into smaller spaces.

   Jobs are what rule. Where ever the jobs are, the people are. Immigrants flock to find work.
  People need to eat. The Catholic church use to preach having kids was a duty that all had to perform, the more the merrier.  The church probably still wants that to happen but have no plan for what to do with all those people and how to feed them. Trust in the lord, they say.
Some people do, and what happens is, their families take pity on them and give them what they need to survive. Charity. Charity fosters paralysis. Giving a gift to someone is a good thing. Sharing what you have is good for the giver and the receiver.

When the receiver sits back and waits for it to be delivered without earning it, they lose self respect and therein lies the problem.

No one truly knows when to stop giving, when giving tool much breeds contempt, when entitlement breeds a shallow heart.

Motivation is self taught through observation. Role models play a crucial part in the development of the individual. The individual who observes others working hard and respecting themselves appreciates the honor of the struggle.

There were men working to install a new heating system at a home. The arrived for work and one young man was observed changing his clean pressed short sleeved very worn shirt neatly, then placing it in the truck bed with his keys and wallet. He then put on his work shirt. When the day was done he removed his work shirt and put on this thinly worn shirt that was barley fabric. Any thinner it would be the king putting on his imaginary clothes. Yet this man with pride donned the shirt which should have been thrown on the trash heap. Satisfied with himself and the days work which he had done, crawling on his back in a basement crawl space, working like Michelangelo building his masterpiece, fabricating the duct work for the heating system.

Eight hours on his back on the damp earth, with his arms stretched, watching out of the corner of his eye for snakes an vermin. It wasn't an expensive installation, so he probably wasn't paid very much. He was happy for the work, happy for the opportunity to feed his family. The days work done, he left, proudly wearing his well worn, shadow of a shirt that was wash and ironed many many times before by someone who cared for the shirt as if it was new.

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