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Sunday, January 23, 2011


              Have you noticed American women on tv talk shows and news shows have the scratchiest voices. The shrill high pitch screatches etch through the brain and irritated the internal equilibrium. They in fact may be intelligent people but they have no idea how to woo an audience. You can picture them as children, the only way they got what they wanted was to scream like a witch and they brought that with them into adulthood.

            It must have something to do with the male chauvanist society we fostered. Women we not recognized nor regarded but the sheer numbers of females in America and the second world war gave women and opportunity to advance in society.

             Some of these females found the subtle way to be recognized. Bravo for them. Some females just didn't like the sound of nails on a chalk board. Bravo for them.  And others watched and heard actresses ply their trade. Bravo for them too.

             Other women probably don't even listen to themselves so they have no idea how irritating and uncultured their demeanor is.

             Turn on the tv, listen to European women,  or Indian , notice how soft their voices are, notice that the tone of their communication does not shut down the ears or grate on the nerves.
             What has cause this phenomenon for American women not to recognize that the canary in them has been gassed. That the sound of their voices block attention and shut down any willingness to listen.

              What has caused American women to reject a soft spoken approach to communication. Why has voice died. Why do American women prefer the cacophony of high pitch, ear piercing yelling stance to soft gentle communication.

               Has music soured their ears or has America soured their hearts.

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